Global Ambassador

Serving as Ambassador and bringing awareness to the work performed by the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, Billy McLaughlin is the recipient of the American Academy of Neurology's Public Leadership Award. Previous winners include Paul Allen, Julie Andrews, Leon Fleischer, Michael J. Fox and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Award-winning Guitarist

Billy McLaughlin is recognized internationally as a world-class musician and composer whose career was nearly lost to a yet-to-be-cured neuromuscular disorder, Focal Dystonia. Today, he has reclaimed center stage and astounds audiences with his unique finger-style guitar music, which he has relearned one note at a time…left handed.

Acclaimed Speaker

Organizations around the world are asking Billy McLaughlin to share his story about overcoming seemingly impossible challenges. Billy proves that nothing can hold you back from creating on-going success for yourself and your organization. This truth is music to the ears that comes straight from the heart.